Employment Policy Development

Andrea Kelly Smethurst & Associates creates and reviews employment policy documentation including employment handbooks, job descriptions, employment agreements and employer policies.

Employment handbooks and other written policies are essential in today's workplace. Well-drafted handbooks and policies help define the employment relationship and establish workplace guidelines. They help employers communicate their policies and expectations and help employees to understand their rights and obligations within the workplace. They also promote morale and productivity by promoting fairness and consistency in the workplace.

Our employment policy development services include:
  • Reviewing existing employee handbooks, policies and HR forms to ensure compliance with current laws.
  • Drafting customized employee handbooks, policies and HR forms that protect the company legally while reflecting the company's culture.
  • Advising employers on job descriptions, employee applications, job offer letters and other personnel documentation.
Please call us at (925) 932-4955 to find out how we can help your organization ensure that its employee handbook and other human resource forms conform to current law.